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Pro-Tec Arch Support Review

Foot problems are more common than you think. This is especially the case for joggers and runners. For many people, the constant pounding on pavement has a significant effect on the condition of their feet. For other people, it’s just the way their feet are designed. If you are a runner, it’s recommended that, when possible, you jog on a track, grass or dirt opposed to pavement. However, that’s not always an option. If you have suffered from foot problems and are seeking arch support, Pro-Tecc provides an option with the Pro-Tec Arch Support.

Pro-tec Arch Support

Pro-Tec Arch Support

Pro-Tec Arch Support is designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Some runners wear the Pro-Tec Arch Support only while exercising and others wear it all times except when showering and icing. If you exercise often and wear the Pro-Tech Arch Support while active, expect it to last approximately 3 to 4 months. If you don’t wear the Pro-Tec Arch Support while active,  it will generally last around 1 year. One important and somewhat humorous note is that while the feet are labeled on the Pro-Tec Arch Support, they are labeled upside down. You might get it wrong the first time, but you will be fine after that.

Pro-Tec Arch Support reviews show that around 85% of consumers are satisfied with the product and around 40% of consumers give it the highest rating possible. That being the case, it isn’t perfect for everyone, especially those with narrow feet. The Pro-Tec Arch Support also takes a little getting used to when being worn with an athletic shoe. Give it a bit of time while you  figure out how to adjust the arch supports based on the shape of your feet and the types of athletic shoes you’re wearing. If you have narrow feet and are planning on purchasing the support, you may have to adjust the arch supports on a frequent basis. A good option here is to use sports tape to keep the arch support in place.

Users report that the Pro-Tec Arch Support relieves foot pain, not just foot pain related to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The arch support takes pressure off sensitive areas and thus, even if you are not active, the product may be of benefit you.

If you choose to buy the Pro-Tec Arch support, it comes in clear and blue with multiple Men’s and Women’s sizes.

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