Road Runner Sports All Sports Pants Review

RRS All Sport Pants Review: The best running pants for those who like a looser fit and freedom of movement.



Men's all sport pants

The men’s Road Runner Sports all sport pant is an alternative to runner-specific tights. Some people don’t like the snugness of running tights. Others participate in other sports besides running alone and need a versatile tight that wicks moisture away from the body and allows freedom of movement in all directions. These are the perfect answer!

Road Runner Sports (RRS) all sport pant for women is manufactured with the same goals in mind. The feel is soft and the moisture management system wicks sweat away from the body to keep you warm and cozy. No more having sweat cool down to leave you cold and shivering as you end your workout. If you work out in the evening or early morning you will appreciate the reflective logos which give you 360-degree visibility.

When choosing sport pants you need to select a pair which are comfortable but not too large so as to allow proper wicking. You want to get a pair that is in line with the weather at your particular location. You will find varying weights for warmer and colder months. If you are outside running all winter, you will have high demands for your all sport pants.

Other pluses are a drawstring waist enclosure for perfect fit and ankle zippers for easy on/off. You can find these features on both the RRS men’s and women’s designs. They have side zippered pockets which are great for keeping track of your keys and other small items. They are super comfortable during both long and short workouts.

These quality all sport pants can be used while running, walking, boating or playing soccer. They are even great for staying at home and lounging or traveling around town.

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Moving Comfort Sports Bra Review

Comfort is the key to any good running bra and Moving Comfort is the queen of sports bras. If you are new to running, one of the first things you may learn is that your bra was not designed for running. Running is a high impact sport and your breasts will feel this concussive impact with every stride. If you don’t have enough breast support, you will feel pain and your breasts will eventually start to sag.

Moving Comfort Sports Bra Review

If you want to continue to run without hurting yourself, you will need to take a look at replacing your leisure bra with a sports bra. One of the first things you will want to do is to learn to how to choose a bra and then decided which is best for you. Women runners come in all shapes and sizes. So do bras.

Choosing a running bra

Look for these bra features:

  • A band which is wide and supplies stability
  • Cups which are large enough to hold your entire breast inside
  • Straps which are wide and adjustable
  • Both compression and encapsulation to prevent breast movement
  • Wicking properties to keep you dry

Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

The Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra is one of the best running bras. Designed especially for women with C to DD cups, the bra is super supportive. DriLayer ™ fabrics wick moisture away from the skin so you always feel dry and experience no chafing. The band is firm.

Prevention Magazine gave the “Fiona” bra the rating of “Best for D’s and Up.” You can adjust to your own individual fit with the bra’s three columns of hooks and eyes.

Moving Comfort Vero

Moving Comfort Vero Bra

The Moving Comfort Vero A/B Bra is just as appreciated by women with A or B cups as the Fiona is loved by those with C and Ds. The Vero wicks moisture away from the skin to keep skin dry and comfortable. Most importantly, the wide band and straps deliver support where it is needed most.

The Vero A/B Bra makes you look flattering while at the same time meeting all of the needs of active women.

Moving Comfort Juno

Moving Comfort Juno Bra

Finally, the Moving Comfort Juno Bra is another great choice for runners. This product is for women with medium to large breasts with C and D cups. It really is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of women and the heavens. The bra gives extraordinary support and freedom of movement at the same time with racer-back styling.

Numerous hook and loop closures on the back enable perfect adjustment to your body. Like all other Moving Comfort sports bras, the Juno is make of fabric with special wicking capabilities. There are also molded cups with no seams for irritation.

No matter what size you are or how far you run, with a Moving Comfort bra you need never suffer from breast discomfort again. Sports Bras