Foot Log Roller Review

Have plantar fasciitis or peroneal tendonitis? The Foot Log Roller may be of help to you. The Foot Log is a therapeutic device designed to relieve stress and tension, as well as ease the pain associated with foot injuries and afflictions like plantar fasciitis. It is about 13 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, surrounded by over 250 rubber massaging fingers to improve circulation and massage along the foot.

foot log roller

Foot Log Roller Review

The manufacturer suggests using the foot log roller for ten minutes daily to relieve pain and muscle tension. For many, it has relieved pain associated with plantar fasciitis in a matter of days and is very relaxing to use. The device also comes with a 62-page user’s manual with helpful tips and suggestions about how to get the most out of the foot log roller from podiatrist Dr. Rehm D.P.M.

The foot log roller is not just for injured feet however, as it is also made to improve circulation and increase agility and strength in foot muscles. It is an easy way to concentrate on these important muscles while training or to relax them after a long run. It can be used while standing or sitting, making it easy to massage sore feet while at a desk doing work or on the couch while watching TV. Many also recommend using it in conjunction with sandals or insoles for added comfort and relief.

Using the foot log roller once a day is an easy habit because users can do other things while using it, so it doesn’t take extra time out of a daily routine. One common complaint is that the log roller is not attached to a central axle or stationary anchor, which makes it easy to slip out from under the foot or roll at at angle. With practice though, it seems that this drawback can be readily overcome–try using it on carpet to prevent sliding. The device also tends to stay in place better when used with both feet while sitting than when used with only one foot at a time.

The Foot Log Roller comes with a 30-day guarantee and lifetime warranty so returns and exchanges are not a problem if it doesn’t work for a particular situation. After one session of use, feet should feel tingly and relaxed, and be a healthy rose color due to increased circulation.

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RockTape Review

Any seasoned athlete knows how important it is to maintain perfect form during a run or a workout, and those who have experienced injuries can attest to just how important it is to have an “active recovery.” Those recoveries promote physical activity as a way of healing and rehabilitating the injury. One of the key things to ensuring this active recovery is as smooth and as productive as possible is Rocktape Endurance Tape. This special athletic and medical tape helps muscles perform at their peak and heal quickly, and has several unique advantages over competing brands such as KT Tape. As a result, it is now one of our top recommended brands for injury prevention and treatment.


Rocktape Review

One Size Fits Most

The problem with competing brands of athletic tape is that they often pre-cut their tape and expect it to fit a wide range of athletes, from the seasoned powerlifter to the

hobbyist runner and cyclist. This can prevent the tape from being fully effective, as compromises in support and elasticity often have to be made in order to use a uniform-sized tape with a wide variety of muscle sizes and structures.

Rocktape eliminates this problem and outplays the competition easily. Its tape is not pre-cut; the company instead ships rolls of the athletic tape that can be used and cut down the ideal size for each athletes muscles and injury or performance types. This allows it to provide superior support to muscles during athletic activity and promote better stabilization and blood flow.

The Benefits of Stretching

Everyone knows that stretching is as important — if not more important — than the workout or cardio activity itself. And the same holds true with athletic tape: stretching matters. The brands with which Rocktape competes offer athletic tapes that have between 120% and 150% stretch. That’s a decent amount of stretch, but not nearly enough to fully compliment the body’s movements and motions during an intense activity like running.

To provide better stretch, and thus better support, to athletes, Rocktape’s Endurance Tape is manufactured with a whopping 190% stretch that allows athletes to have a more normal range of motion during competition. And that increased stretch also promotes greater blood flow, rather than restriction, which helps to keep muscles flexible and competitive, rather than sore and immobilized.

Endurance Tape Promotes Competition

Competing athletic tape products are primarily developed with a rehabilitative purpose in mind. That is, they’re designed for athletes who have already acquired some type of injury during training or competition. That is simply not the case with the offering from Rocktape. Rather than design a product that simply does its job after the athlete has been injured, Rocktape Endurance Tape promotes good muscle movement and health, eliminates soreness, and promotes good form.

That combination of things — combined with great elasticity and ultra-thin construction that has a more “natural” feel than competing products — helps athletes avoid many of the most common injuries associated with athletic training and competition. In fact, it can even help them bust through plateaus and set new personal records. That’s because healthy muscles are inherently more agile and competitive than those which are restricted and repeatedly injured over time.


Rocktape Endurance Tape promotes exactly what its name implies: athletic endurance and longevity. With its promotion of good blood flow, proper form, stabilization, and elasticity, Rocktape Endurance Tape is an essential element of any serious athletes competitive stable of products. Oh, and it comes in some interesting colors and patterns too!

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