If you decide to run outside in winter, the Asics Deluxe Fleece Beanieis going to be just the ticket to keeping your run comfortable and enjoyable.

asics fleece running hat

There’s an interesting fact that many runners don’t know. Most other winter sports enthusiasts like skiers, snowshoers, or hikers also are completely unaware of this fact.

In the winter, 40% of your body heat escapes through your head!

You can layer all you want. You might have a nifty baselayer next to the skin which wicks away moisture. You may have a middle layer of lightweight fleece or wool for a cozy comfortable feeling. You could even have a high-tech outer jacket which repels wind and water. But all of these will still leave you cold if you do not cover your head!

However, keep layering and wear the Asics Deluxe Fleece Beanieand you will be toasty warm during your workout even through the most inclement weather. The beanie is 100% polyester fleece. It incorporates a 3D 3-panel anatomical design and even boasts of an anti-bacterial mesh head liner. In addition, the Asics logo is reflective so you will be visible to motorists during those critical early morning and evening hours when it’s hard to see.

The Asics Fleece Beanie is a super choice for winter running comfort.