For women who are born to run, it is difficult to take time off from the roads to recover from having a baby. They are eager to get back out and pound the pavement. Running clears one’s mind and builds her body. A new mother needs as much serenity as she can find. However, some new mothers find it difficult to balance her need for exercise and solitude with her baby’s need to be with his mother.

Baby joggers are the perfect answer to the age-old dilemma of exercise versus mommy time. A well-constructed baby jogger enables a new mother to take her child with her when logging in the miles. Mommy benefits from the exertion and baby benefits from the fresh air.

When choosing a baby running stroller, look for one that is extremely stable. No mother wants to worry that her baby will be thrown from the jogger with every stone or bump in the road. A running stroller should fit the mother. Running with a baby jogger is quite different from running alone. Instead of using her arms to lengthen her stride, a mother with a baby jogger must keep her hands on the stroller. The running stroller’s handle should reach the mother’s waist so that she can steer without breaking stride.

Below are three of the best baby joggers.

Bob Sport Utility Baby Jogger

Bob Sport Utility Single
The Bob Sport Utility Single Stroller combines style and performance in an affordable baby jogger. Priced in the $300 range, this stroller packs a number of features. Baby is held securely in his seat with a five-point padded harness. The lightweight frame is ideal for Mom, yet sturdy enough with its state-of-the-art suspension to keep Baby safe and comfortable. Mom can run on-road and off-road with the 16” treaded tires mounted on heavy-duty polymer wheels. For longer jaunts, the stroller provides a reclining seat and adjustable canopy so that Baby can rest while Mom works out. The stroller is available in red or blue. Bob Sport reviews from users report that this stroller is a great value. One owner commented on the stroller’s comfort, both for the runner and the baby. Another owner was impressed with value for her money.

Baby Jogger 25th Anniversary Single

Baby Jogger 25th Anniversary Performance Single
The Baby Jogger series consistently rates as one of the best baby joggers for performance and handling. The Baby Jogger 25th Anniversary Single has a durable, one-piece frame that ensures that this stroller will go the distance. Its aerodynamic design reflects its twenty-five years in the pursuit of design excellence in its performance and handling. The 20” pneumatic racing wheels skim the pavement, providing an easy push for the runner and a comfortable ride for the passenger. Rear shock absorbers increase the comfort and stability of the ride. The direct pull V-brakes ensure that the stroller will not run away from Mom, no matter how steep the hill is. The sleek baby seat adds to the safety of this baby jogger with a firm harness and a canopy. The Baby Jogger is available in a lovely ice blue. Baby jogger reviews indicate that this stroller is lightweight and easy to use. The five-point safety harness was rated as exceptional in a racing stroller.


Baby Jogger Switchback Running Stroller

Baby Jogger Switchback Trailer/Jogger: Great for Running and Cycling!
The Baby Jogger Switchback is a hybrid stroller and is one of the best baby joggers for an active family or the triathlete. Priced in the $600 range, the Baby Jogger Switchback is well worth the price for families on the go. This innovative design allows the running stroller to perform as a comfortable, safe, on-road and off-road baby jogger. Mom can remove the self-storing front fork and tow bar to convert this three-wheeled stroller into a two-wheeled bicycle buggy without missing a beat. The Switchback comes with a zippered cover to further protect Baby from road hazards whether running or cycling. Offered in a stylish yellow and navy combination, this stroller will stand out from the crowd. In baby jogger reviewers, one customer noted that the stroller was so warm and appealing that her daughter fell sound asleep. The customer was spending the winter holidays in Aspen at the time.

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