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When deciding on the best socks for running or any other fitness activity, first and foremost, it is important to avoid cotton sock. Cotton socks do not breathe well and hold water, which will cause your feet to sweat more when running while also retaining that sweat close to the foot . Once your feet start to sweat and you keep on running without wicking that away, the risk of forming blisters becomes severe. That is why it is not best to run in basic cotton socks. When choosing running socks, you want to pick socks that are made from a non-cotton wicking material. Socks that are specifically designed for running are made of light weight material that will allow for air to pass through them and that will transport moisture to the outer surface of the sock. This will help  eliminate the formation of blisters. The best running socks also have less seams to eliminate rubbing and many provide extra support to your feet to prevent them from hurting after a long run.

Choosing the Best Running Socks has running sock reviews to allow you to find the best socks for you, and below are four of the best reviewed running socks on their website. For more on some specific socks for those who are particularly blister prone, such as Injinji and Wright Socks and see our previous article on preventing running blisters.

RRS DRYMAX Thin Running Socks

RRS Drymax Sock

RRS Drymax socks are made by Road Runner Sports and are designed to fight odors and blisters. The socks are light weight to allow air to get to the feet, and if they sweat there is a moisture removal system. The moisture removal system gets the sweat off of the skin to avoid blisters. The running socks also are seamed in a way to best prevent blisters by having them fit extremely tight on the feet. (Editor note: I personally think that these are some of the best value socks that you can get in terms of quality for price. People who prefer thinner socks tend to particularly like them).

Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks

Balega Sock

Balega running socks are designed to provided the runner extra comfort and eliminate any chance of getting blisters. The Balega running socks will also last for an extended period of time because of the reinforced design in the heel and toe of the sock. Blisters will most likely occur on the heel and toe of the foot, but these running socks have that covered. They feature a high heel and no seams in the toe to prevent blisters from occurring. (Editor’s note: Balega socks tend to be on the thicker side, I like them for extra comfort, which they excel at, but I prefer thinner socks for blister prevention).

Feetures Ultra Light Cushion Running Socks

Feetures socks

The material in Feetures running socks are made with are specially designed to provide ventilation to the feet while also providing an extremely close fit to eliminate blisters. These running socks are partially made with Lycra which allows them to fit very tightly and not slip off of your feet while you are running. This tight fit and the fact that the socks do not have a seem in the toe effectively eliminate any chance of getting blisters while running for an extended period of time.

RRS DRYROAD Elite Running Socks

RRS Dryroad Elite

RRS Dryroad Elite running socks are also produced by Road Runner Sports. They are specifically designed to provide an very close fit while also being lightweight and comfortable. These running socks are anatomically designed for the right and left foot to provide even more protection than found with any other running sock. They are made with spandex and feature a non-slip heel to prevent blisters from occurring. The lightweight material also allows for your feet to be properly ventilated so they do not sweat as much while running. (Editor’s note: foot specific socks can be particularly good for those who are concerned about avoiding blistering).

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Written by a guest author for RunGadget, with editor notes from Carleen in parenthesis.

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