Manzella running gloves

One thing you can’t ignore when winter running approaches is a good pair of gloves, such as Manzella running gloves, which come in a variety of options.  Pictured above are the Manzella Heavyweight Gore-Tex runner glove which can give you the protection you want in the most extreme winter running conditions.

For winter comfort and the best fabric in wind, snow and cold, look no further than Gore-Tex. It’s wind resistant and waterproof. You can sweat all you want and your hands will never get cold. And Gore-Tex has been around long enough that it has been well-tested and come through with flying colors in all uses from boots to jackets to gloves.

In addition to the Gore-Tex, the Manzella heavyweights have 40-gram Thinsulate to insulate against the cold. The gloves are still breathable and totally functional. One note, however, these can get rather warm, so they are best for the more extreme temperatures.

Manzella has two other gloves for men–the Powerstretch Glove and the Manzella Vapor gloves. The Powerstretch glove is made of Polartec fleece which is completely breathable and very soft. It is the most-used fleece in all types of clothing from gloves to pullovers and jackets. These gloves also have dots on the palms to grip slippery objects such as door knobs or car door handles, or even slippery iPods (I have experience with this one).

The Vapor gloves are stretchy but have a snug fit so that you will have warm hands whether running or engaging in other outdoor activities. The palm is covered with a special coating known as Control Trax so you can grip objects securely, again something that is nice to help keep your iPod from crashing to the ground (trust me on this one!).

Never underestimate how the little things can help the most. Something as seemingly insignificant as wearing gloves or a hat will make a big difference in staying comfy your cold weather runs.