When I first saw Moeben Sleeves, I was skeptical. I thought, “why not just wear a long sleeve shirt?” Well, I tried them despite my qualms and I have to say that I can now understand the attraction and their benefit over a standard shirt. The price is a little steep, tough. More on price later.

I like a running singlet and plain old running shorts. Anything that restricts motion or hangs loosely is a no-no. I just hate to overdress for a run. This has been a problem in colder weather runs, of course, where I either have to gut it out or wear more clothes. This is where the Moeben Sleeves really shined for me.

Moeben Sleeves

Moeben Sleeves Review


The Moeben Sleeves fit really well, not too constrictive or too loose. The liner felt great and I didn’t have a problem with them getting so soaked with sweat that they got heavy or clingy. I’ve read that the fleece model can be rinsed and worn to keep you cool on hot days, but I haven’t tried that yet. It’s a neat trick that a piece of gear can be wet right against your skin and not feel absolutely gross. (Editor’s note: Moeben fits much better than Nike for me and with sleeves, you don’t want a too tight fit, otherwise you risk chaffing)


The Moebens had two convenient aspects for me. First, there’s a pocket in them and it’s positioned perfectly – high on the arm. With two sleeves, I used one for a gel and one for my iPod. I hate storing anything in the pockets of my shorts, paranoid it’ll go flying and I won’t notice. These pockets are a huge plus. The other handy thing about the Moebens is they’re flexible enough to slide them down. If you get too hot, you can turn them into wristbands to cool down a bit.


I tried the Moebens in my gym, which doesn’t have the best ventilation and is always muggy, and outside on a cool, windy night. They worked well in both situations. I never felt like they were making me any hotter than I usually got in the gym. Actually, my sweat cooled them, keeping me frosty throughout my standard hot treadmill session. Outside I was able to run in the 40-degree temps in my favorite singlet without feeling chilled to the bone by the wind.

The Cons

There are two drawbacks I found. First, I have to say they’re overpriced. Mine cost $35, which was a bit much to me considering it’s just two pieces of fabric that go over your arms and other brand sleeves are at least $10 less. (Editor’s note: at the time of publishing the sleeves were on sale at Road Runner Sports through the links here for 9.99 and regularly run there at $27.99)

Another con is that, while I loved the pocket, it is a little on the small side. A lot of runners I know rely their smartphones, not just for music but for safety reasons, and there’s no way I’d trust my iPhone in there.

I’d definitely recommend the Moeben Sleeves if price point isn’t an issue for you. If nothing else, buy a pair of Moebens and a cheaper pair of another brand and compare for yourself.

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Written by a guest reviewer for RunGadget, with editor’s notes in parenthesis.