One of the big advantages of the current rise in smart phones and apps is that you can now take advantage of joint efforts like the Nike and iPod Pedometer System. Nike has very advanced website at, and when that site is combined with a Nike + iPod sensor and receiver kit you can measure your walk or run, record data to nikeplus, and share the data on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Nike iPod Pedometer

Nike Plus iPod Review

If you need help with getting motivated and staying that way, the Nike Plus iPod Pedometer offers voice over prompts (although a few them actually kind of annoy me). You can also transfer your favorite tunes onto your iPod for inspiration and then all you need to do is attach a Nike sensor into your running shoe. No iPod or iPhone? You can also get a Nike Plus Arm Monitor instead.

Nike manufactures a Nike Plus ready shoe which has a special space in the liner to hold the sensor. A tiny receiver plugs into your iPod, or if you have an iPhone, it will detect it automatically, and the total operation is completely wireless. Once the sensor is in its little shoe pocket, walking or running will send information to your iPod. You can receive it audibly through your head phones or visually on your iPod screen. If you choose “audible voice,” the voice will interrupt your music to keep you informed of your progress.

For those without Nike shoes, you can attach the foot pod to your shoe in other ways. One easy way is to seal the pod in a small plastic bag, cut a slit in the back, and  slide the bag through the laces. Or you can buy a small lace pouch and place the pod in that.

The Nike pedometer sensor kit is designed to work with the iPod, but it will also work natively with the iPhone. The information about pace, distance, and speed can be uploaded later to your home computer or laptop for use on the website. You can also get calories burned. You can print reports of all types on your workout-related data. This includes comparative graphs.

The pedometer (sensor) is pretty accurate. I found that mine was a bout as accurate as other pedometers I have tried, especially when calibrated first and used in the shoe. But it (and other pedometers) is not perfect. If you want the most accurate data possible, look to a GPS system. the Nike Plus system is also waterproof, unlike some pedometer watches.

The only inconvenience in the Nike Plus Pedometer System is that when your battery dies, you need to buy a new sensor unit. According to Apple, the battery lasts a thousand hours. And, you can save up to 1000 workouts in the iPod memory before you need to delete any stats.

When you upload and follow your data online, you can share it with friends. This adds a community connection which can help you with encouragement and motivation. You can also use your iPod to download your favorite music from iTtunes and have special tunes for running hills, the last quarter mile of your workout, or even crossing the finish line at an event. is a terrific website with all kinds of training advice, running news, and tips.  Any way you look at it, the Nike Plus iPod Pedometer is an affordable information goldmine that offers a decent alternative to more expensive GPS systems or other pedometers.

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Written by a guest author for Runadget with personal comments and edits by Carleen .