Athletes demand much more out of their equipment and clothing than an average person. That is the reason there are so many high quality options for athletic gear. During hardcore physical activity, most athletic gear collects much perspiration and grime. The smell of dirty clothes, even after washing with regular detergents, can permeate a large area, and athletic fabrics tend to be particularly good at absorbing and retaining odors. Athletes should be able to properly maintain and clean the specific gear that they rely upon so much.

Penguine USA Sport Wash


Penguin USA Sport Wash

Penguin USA Sport Wash was designed for the high-tech materials that hardcore athletes prefer. It helps to restore some of the moisture response properties of common engineered polyester fiber products, including restoring factory waterproofing properties. Penguins Sport Wash also lifts athletic odors that reside deep inside clothing and equipment. That means that runners can keep their favorite shirt or running shorts smelling great and avoid the “gym smell” that is so common for serious athletes. It also removes those frustrating blood or grass stains from when the game gets really intense.

Specialized sports wash is ideal for athletes because normal detergents also degrade clothing and gear. Regular detergent is designed to add softness and freshen the scent. This process over time negatively impacts the performance and effectiveness of the articles. Penguin Sport Wash protects athletic fabrics, while removing odor so that your sports clothes will come out clean and odor-free. Penguin USA Sport Wash is readily biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Consumer reviews of the Penguin Sport Wash tend to be excellent. Most report that is does an exceptional job at removing odors from athletic clothing.

Even if you are not the most hardcore or intense athlete, your athletic gear will still definitely benefit from the correct cleaning product. It will keep your gear in peak condition and help you focusing on your workouts. As an added bonus it will keep your significant other form having to smell a bag full of sweaty clothes on a regular basis. A house full of athletes does not have to smell like a soccer team. The smell of your gym back that sits in your trunk every day wont knock you over every time you open it.

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