Road Runner Sports offering in the area of Gortex pants is not too shabby. The RRS Gortex Running Pants offer a fairly affordable option for Gortex running pants, to at least in comparison to other Gortex options, all of which will always carry a bit of a high price.

Gortex is a good option for running in a combination of cold, wet, and wind. As a waterproof, yet breathable fabric, it keeps the wet and wind out, yet allows some dissipation of moisture from sweat. However, Gortex does not breathe to the level of fabrics that are no waterproof and it is easy to get warm when wearing it. therefore, I reserve use of my Gortex pants to days under 25-30 degrees when it is also rather windy and/or wet, especially if the wet is very cold rain. Otherwise I wear a more breathable pant and often stick with thicker tights even when it is a bit windy or lightly  snowing.

The RRs pants (I have the Pro Velocity version) are lightweight and quite comfortable in general. All seams are sealed and waterproof,  and I find that the pants cut wind very well. to help with removing moisture from the skin, the pants have a  breathable mesh lining.  There is a back zip pocket and leg zippers to help with fit. I am short and often roll up the cuff, which tends to stay put just fine. Overall, I find them to be a good choice for winter running.

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