We welcome your product reviews and guest posts on running topics. We particularly want to know about your favorite products. However, we do have a few basic guidelines and rules.

(1) Who may provide posts: We accept product reviews guest posts from our readers and other blogs or content oriented websites that focus on material that would be of interest to runners.  However, we do not provide what is essentially financially biased reviews and/or free advertising to brands and ecommerce companies.  If you are a brand or have an online store that sells sporting goods and wish to place content on Run Gadget, please see our advertising page.

(2)  Topics: Product Reviews and Guest Posts must be on a topic related to running, runners, races, cross training, fitness, or sports nutrition. Absolutely no guest posts will be accepted that would not be appropriate in topic and reading for young people. Posts that appear to be defamatory in nature will not be published. A legitimate  and objective negative review is acceptable, but something that appears to be defamatory is not. We also do not accept guest posts that recommend fad diets or products of a questionable value. In regard to dietary supplements, we will accept posts related to items commonly used by runners, such as gels or electrolyte tabs etc, but will not accept posts that recommend fad items or items that have a reputation to be scam products.  Use common sense. If you wonder whether something is appropriate, ask first.  Please note that we do accept posts that are critical of scam products and that warn against them. What we are trying to avoid here is the favorable marketing of poor products.

(A) Check Whether Your Topic Has Already Been Covered!: We prefer to publish new material on the site. So, if you wish to review a product or write on a topic, check first to see if it has previously been covered. If we have already written on it, we would likely decline your post for that reason. If your topic has been covered, we encourage you include your opinion or review in a comment to the existing post instead.

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(5) Writing and Editing: Reviews and Guest Posts are expected to be well written with meaningful content. We reserve the right to edit posts for grammar and punctuation without notification. We also reserve the right to add our editor’s notes or  impressions of a product before or after any Review.

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