The benefits of technology continue to find their way into our everyday lives, and running gear is no exception. These days, the best running watches on the market do more than clock how long you were on the road. With high-tech monitors and memory capabilities that can track virtually every step you take, the top watches of today almost negate the need for the journal-style logs upon which many runners have long depended.

A Review of the Best Running Watches

For the best selection of running watches online, and to read running watch reviews to make sure you’re getting the tool the best suits your needs, is a good choice since it that features everything from classic stop watches to high-performance, water-proof mini-computers that will help you monitor your running progress, lap after lap, race after race, and all year long. Best of all, they offer user reviews of each watch to let you read how other runners have liked or disliked a particular model, which is why they are one of Run Gadget’s preferred stores.

Timex men's tap 150 waatch Timex womens tap 150

For the runner looking to closely monitor his or her split times and other important information, there’s no better, easier-to-use tool than the Timex 150-lap tap screen watch (above). With models designed for both men and women, the Timex 150-lap tap screen watches are sleek, high-tech gadgets that help you track everything from lap splits to nutrition timing. Their tap-screen function makes it easier than ever to activate timers, and they’re loaded with memory so you can archive and recall times for up to 25 runs. Hydration and nutrition timers give out alerts when it’s to hydrate or eat, and their large-screen digits are easy to read. They even spare runners from having to repeatedly check their watch by offering audible alerts of preprogrammed split targets. Both versions are available in black, though the women’s version offers a smaller, more delicately fashionable band and a lighter gray watch face.

New Balance Sports Watch Review

The New Balance Nduro Chronograph watch gives runners similar high-tech performance as the Timex 150-lap tap screen, with memory to save information from up to 25 runs, nine interval timers, and 100-lap split times, including best lap time and average lap time. It’s available in a sleek, silver design that sacrifices nothing by way of fashion.

Polar Fitness Computer Review

For health-enthusiasts looking to measure their fitness level throughout the day, the Polar FA20 Fitness Computer surpasses the standard functions of a watch and helps track activity around the clock. Working as a veritable computer on your wrist, the Polar FA20 tracks calories burned, distance, steps, and time, registering physical activity whether walking, jogging or running. The watch also allows users to input calorie or distance targets, and compares the actual output with those goals. The Polar FA20 Fitness Computer is available in a desktop-black, high-tech design that immediately tells that you mean business when it comes to your health.

Soleus 10k Sports Watch Soleus 10k Women's Watch

Equally high-tech in appearance is the Soleus 10K Sport Watch, available in both a men’s and women’s design. Each delivers only the information that’s most important to you during a run – 30-lap splits and 5 interval times. The men’s version is available in black or orange, while the women’s model is offered in powder-blue or pink. Both feature a large-digit display to make it easy to read it on the move.

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